Emergency First Aid at Work

 From October 1st 2009 the HSE are introducing a new first aid course Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) and changing the requirements for first aiders in companies quite significantly.

The key facts are:

  • First Aid at Work (FAW) decreases from 4 to 3 days
  • New EFAW Course 1 day long.

In the past Appointed Persons was considered a lower qualification to FAW. Now both are effectively FAW - it is just that the EFAW course is for lower hazard industries.

Companies with more than 5 employees will now need staff  trained with EFAW or FAW. This will vastly increase the number of companies needing trained staff.

Marlin is approved by the Association of First Aiders (AoFA), the UK's largest first aid body, to run both EFAW courses and FAW courses. However be assured that Marlin's courses will continue to have their unique style. Our partnership with the AoFA ensures national recognition, but also allows our unique teaching style to continue.

The AoFA have produced a comprehensive leaflet on the HSE first aid changes which can be downloaded here.