A Tick Bite Could turn you Vegetarian!

An Article on iO9 today quotes a new research study. This indicates that a tick bite can cause the body to release antibodies making you allergic to eating meat.

Another reason why we teach about tick bite on our outdoor/fieldwork first aid courses and promote the OTom tick remover in kits - get them off you before they feed!

Full details and link below:

Ticks are known for transmitting disease, but they've also been known to make people deathly allergic to meat.


Amazing new solution to bleeding!

Celox™ is an amazing new compound that stops bleeding fast.

It has been extensively tested by the US Military and it works! Surprisingly though it is actually made here in the UK.

At Marlin we have been looking into the research surrounding Celox™. We believe that it is extremely effective and easy to use. Just tip it on a major wound and then apply pressure with a bandage. It clots virtually instantly and will control even major arterial bleeds. For this reason we would strongly recommend it's inclusion in outdoor and fieldwork first aid kits, particularly those to be used on remote trips.

Follow these links to learn more:

Celox™ stops bleeding and saves lives on the battlefield

Celox™ from Sam Medical

We have now been appointed an agent for Celox by the UK manufacturer. A pack costs as little as £15 and could just save someone's life.

You can download a data sheet and order form below.

FREE First Aid Kit or iPod for recommending us!

At Marlin we get much of our business by recommendation. If you have been on one of our courses you know all about the 'Marlin Difference'. If you subsequently recommend Marlin to another company (and they book a course) we will provide you with either a suitable first aid kit or an iPod shuffle.

Dr Natasha Lee had previously taken a course with us at Edinburgh University and recommended us to her new employer the Hereford & Worcester Earth Heritage Trust. She is pictured receiving her comprehensive Outdoor First Aid Kit worth £80 from Stuart Marshall, the course tutor and one of Marlin's directors. Thanks again for your recommendation Natasha!

Association of First Aiders

Marlin has recently upgraded to Full Corporate Training Membership with Association of First Aiders (AoFA). The AoFA is now the UK's LARGEST first aid association with over 2,000 first aiders, first aid trainers and training providers. Upgrading to our current status means that our certificates now gain National Recognition and HSE Approval from the AoFA. The AoFA also monitor the quality of all courses to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

The HSE have stated that they strongly support the formation of the Association of First Aiders (Dr Richard Elliott. HSE Corporate Medical Unit).

The AoFA is also linked to mainly national associations, including the Stroke Association and also the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh). This means that Marlin is able to keep our courses bang up to date with the latest medical advice. We also have £2 million liability and indemnity insurance via the AoFA - something that many training organisations just cannot get, but often essential for working with most companies - or your own insurance may not be valid should something go wrong on a course!

Outdoor First Aid Course at Redpoint Climbing Centre

 Our next Outdoor First Aid Course will take place at Redpoint Climbing Centre, Birmingham on the 13 &14 March 2010. This course meets all the requirements of the outdoor bodies such as the BMC/MLTB. You can find more course details on the relevant course page.

Places are filling fast - don't miss out!

You can download a brochure specific to this course, with prices, etc here. 

Emergency First Aid at Work

 From October 1st 2009 the HSE are introducing a new first aid course Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) and changing the requirements for first aiders in companies quite significantly.

The key facts are:

  • First Aid at Work (FAW) decreases from 4 to 3 days
  • New EFAW Course 1 day long.

In the past Appointed Persons was considered a lower qualification to FAW. Now both are effectively FAW - it is just that the EFAW course is for lower hazard industries.

Companies with more than 5 employees will now need staff  trained with EFAW or FAW. This will vastly increase the number of companies needing trained staff.

Marlin is approved by the Association of First Aiders (AoFA), the UK's largest first aid body, to run both EFAW courses and FAW courses. However be assured that Marlin's courses will continue to have their unique style. Our partnership with the AoFA ensures national recognition, but also allows our unique teaching style to continue.

The AoFA have produced a comprehensive leaflet on the HSE first aid changes which can be downloaded here.

Appointed Persons Training is changing

From October 2009 a new first aid course will replace the old 'Appointed Persons' course.

This new course will be called Emergency First Aid at Work and will be a minimum of 6 hours long. It will be recommended that this training is updated every year.

For more information see the HSE FAW website.

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