Are they really approved to teach you?

Unfortunately we seem to keep coming across students who have taken courses with other training providers only to find out later that it is not worth the paper it is printed on.

In 2013 the HSE deregulated first aid, leading to a "free for all" in First Aid training. There is now no longer such a thing as "HSE Approved" First Aid Training (although many still advertise as such).

We are members of the First Aid Industry Body.

This organisation monitors training using ex-HSE inspectors, including doctors and nurses to physically monitor the quality of courses.

Marlin passed monitoring recently with flying colours.

Unfortunately since deregulation many bodies are so keen to sell certificates that they will approve almost anyone to teach first aid, and providing the QA forms say the course was OK, then it must have been...

We would advise that you look at the pedigree of the training company, and not just the approvals they hold. Our staff have many years of experience, advanced qualifications and undertake regular CPD with organisations such as Traumacare.

One of our directors also sits on the board of the First Aid Industry Body and attends industry meetings with the HSE, etc. This translates into the most up to date training for your staff.